Monday, April 14, 2008


This sketch is one of the teachers that taught our class organic/environmental modeling. I still like animation as much as modeling but i decided to concentrate on 3d modeling just because it gave me so much trouble. I had to get it right and perfect it. It is still hard after 6 months of learning but the technical aspects of 3D always grabbed my interest. It felt like there was so much to learn in such a short amount of time, that's why I always admired the people who worked so hard that it seemed like 6 months was all they needed.

This is how I felt when I learnt Maya from scratch, I felt like all my bones were twisting 360 degrees when i couldn't follow along the teacher's in class tutorials. Everyone probably felt that way learning 3D. Shortcuts were also really important because once you miss a step when the teacher was teaching, you would just be staring at what they were doing. It isn't their fault because they are professionals, they have that habit. Even when i am helping others with other programs, i would have to slow down to the point that i need to position myself as a beginner as well. School's almost over and I'm still learning from them, I still have to thank them for starting me off to a 3D career.

This is what maya kept doing to me when i first learned how to model out of a cube. It would go crazy on me then i would go crazy too. I'm sure that happens to most people. There are things that go wrong that you don't know and no one else knows what you did so you have to start over. It's all about the process and i don't mind starting over. I even tried modeling a human face many times with Internet tutorials without any success. None of them worked out for me until i took a video tutorial to follow along. Everyone has their own ways and understanding of how things work and i think i almost found my workflow.
To me, modeling in Maya was all about extruding vertices , faces and edges. Anything can be built from stratch and i really enjoy learning new workflows. Finding the best work flow was always my goal to make time more efficient. Thanks for reading.


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