Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Japan Town 07

Hello, this is one my 1st layouts i created for modeling class. I really enjoyed working on this layout and arranging compositions for these buildings. It was satisfying to see a complete piece when i finished this. There were two problems i encountered while working on this layout and it was the file size. Since it was my 1st layout i created, i just went ahead building everything and not thinking about the technical side of this project until my file size came to 300mb. When layouts are this big, it will not render properly. The rooftops were individual pieces as if it was really being built and one roof had a complete set of 200+ tiles which skyrocketed the file size from 20 to 300mb. The best way to output this piece was to render the buildings separately and then putting them together in Photoshop. Enjoy.

This layout i drew inspired me to model a layout of a Japan town.
3D layout


Jeremy Canton said...

Dude this is awesome! How you been? Are you finished school?

I've only just started getting into Maya and man.. I find it HARD. LoL hopefully I'll be a bit better by the end of the summer. I guess 3D is what you're going into?

Junyu Zhao-(JUMONJIE) said...

hahaha nice buddy~!!!!!!
hey dont forget finish my character ah~? haha can't wait c more. hope i can do 3d modeling like you do. anyway, keep it up. like your stuff. simple~!!

precious said...

hello! this is my favourite! i like it!

Thomas A said...

hey precious, im glad you like it =). There will be more to come!