Friday, April 18, 2008

Seneca animation T-shirt final design of 2008

Me and my friend Jun Yu won the new Seneca College animation t-shirt design for 2008. It was a great experience working with him and i am glad everyone liked it. Don't forget to visit his blog if you want to see great concept/design art by Mr. Jun Yu Zhao.

Enjoy =).


Genghis Kwan said...

hey tom, is herbert. I am redoign my site and adding a link page. and I would liek to put a link to your site on my page. can u send a 200x40 pixel bannar or your site to me. u cna check out the link page at shold be up by tomorrow morning

Thomas A said...

Hey Herbert, i'll be sure to create a banner for you soon. Nice site and talk to you soon!