Monday, January 19, 2009

Some WIP Models.

Hello, It's been long since I updated but have always been kept busy by Maya. It's really great learning new things and here are some of the models I made to be used eventually in a short film. I drew 10 characters and modeled the ones I thought would be interesting to start off with. These models aren't quite complete yet in their texture stage but I threw things together quickly just to show some process.

1st. Homeless Hippie
A war veteran who loves life doing practically nothing at all.

2. Earl the Salesmen
Earl is divorced and supports a family of 10 child by himself. He is highly motivated and lives to become the best kitchen knife salesmen.

3.Greg the garbage man
The primary character of this story, Greg loves life his city and is determined to clean the it from environmental disasters.

Hope you guys enjoyed these. Feel free to critique and comment.


EBU said...

great stuff! keep it up.
my favourate is Earl!

Fuzzy Spider said...

haha, some awesome work as always thomas! want to see more :)


Augusto Quijano Vázquez said...

Thom! That looks amazing man! Your characters always have so much charisma.

precious said...

hello! just passing by to give u some encouragement!

i like Earl too!

Anonymous said...

hey whats up,
good job on models, I like the cartoon-y style.

Erin Greener said...

This stuff is awesome!